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SuperBowl Prediction for 2011-2012

For those of you who don’t recall, I predicted Green Bay Packers last year (I almost gave Holewinski a heart attack jinx).  BTW, they won.  This year I predict:

Chargers over Saints

prediction is in before tonight’s 1st game of the year.

PS… I think I have made a decision on the blog.  Once a month.  I think I can handle that.  So I will email and Facebook everyone the link tonight.


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Close Encounters of the Squirrel Kind

Okay, so I don’t think anyone has read the blog in seven days.  Maybe I should email everyone to tell them its back.  I won’t because I want to see how long it will take for someone besides me to post.

Other blog news.  For now I think I will blog the week that was. Sunday night’s.

Despicable Me (D)
Pretty bad movie.  The only thing to me that save it was the funny little minions.  Steve Carrell’s voice was AWFUL.  It did have a cute little family thing going on.  However the total suckyness is where the grade comes from.  I’m a little disappointed that IMDB users give it a 7.5.

Speaking of other movies, the only movie worthy of a rating while I was on sabitical was Inception.  Definitely one of the best movies I’ve ever seen.  Totally worth an A.

Harry Potter 7a
HP7a is out on dvd in stores now.

As some of you may or my not know, I like to ride my mountain bike from my house in Safety Harbor to the Long Center and back for a little exercise.  Total distance 12 miles.  As I ride I have always been fascinates by how the squirrels always see me coming and never get close to my bike.  Rewind to Wednesday, I took my first evening ride.  A squirrel got super close but did one of the super quick turn arounds and ran the other way.  I felt the need to discuss all this with Laura this morning.  (Raise your hand if you can see where this story is going).  On today’s bike ride, a squirrel literally hit my front tire before running the other way.  I didn’t run the little guy over.  He just grazed the side of my tire.  This is life just messy with us.  I could have never said anything to Laura, it was so trivial, but I did.  BAM, same day, Murphy’s law.

My Saturday
My plan was to take Jackson to the beach.  Totally forgot that we had a birthday party to go to for the neighbor’s daughter.  On top of that Laura was on call. (Next Saturday is up in the air also because I will be on call).  The birthday party was much fun.  My neighbors really know how to throw a kids birthday party.  Food, drinks, presents, and a huge JUMPHOUSE.  Some  people call them bouncy thing (me), moon walk (Laura), but the neighbors call it the JUMPHOUSE.  It was their party so I’m going with that.  After all the kids left I got to jump a little.  I still got some skills left in this 38 year old body.  I can still do a seatdrop and flip!!

NFL lockout sucks.  Still hoping the 49ers somehow get Patrick Peterson.  Oh yeah a good QB too.
Boston takes Game 1 of the Knicks series.
The Mets really suck!!
The Rays are starting to look a little better.
The Bulls made a huge come back with like 3 minutes to play.  DROSE is GOOD!!
Still no AVP, but I think something is going on….
Hockey playoffs, but who cares (I don’t)

Congrats to the Holewinski’s for closing on their new home.

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I’m back

Okay, so it’s been a six full months since I’ve posted anything on this site.  Let’s see who is actually still checking…


A few updates in my life:
Jackson is now 1 year old.  How crazy is that? He is way past crawling and walking (almost running) all over the place. Eating solid food.  Drinking milk, no more formula!  Too bad he’s still in diapers.  No real words but mumbling stuff.  He very much has his own personality.  He is the BEST!!!!  Laura and I PLAN to bring him to the beach on Saturday.

Laura and I are still trying to sell our (town)house in Safety Harbor.  We are close to purchasing a house in Tampa (right outside of West Chase) by Courtside Grill (not the one in St. Pete).  Keep your fingers crossed for us.

I got a promotion at work back in October.

I broke down and joined FaceBook.


Other than that same old same old.  Now onto the stuff you all come here for.  The volleyball.

My first week back from my six month break was two Saturday’s ago.  I got to play with Bryan Rambo.  Neither us of had played in a while.  6 months for me, 6 weeks for him.  We literally called ourselves Team 66.  We actually fared pretty well.  We won a few and lost of few but overall had a great time.  Bryan is fun to play with and plays great defense.  And his setting is not as bad as he thinks it is. 🙂

The week in between Laura’s parents were visiting from Michigan to help celebrate Jackson’s first birthday.  We had a very small party on Saturday and went to the zoo on his official birthday.  On Sunday I took Laura’s dad dead sea fishing on the Double Eagle.  Great fun and good fishing.  I had not fished since I was a kid.  We caught about 25 fish (mostly White Grunts) and keep 20.  Plenty to cook up for dinner that night.

This past Saturday I played with Sean.  Sean has great hands and threw up some great sets.  Sadly for Sean (and me) I was not ready to actually spike any of them.  If I remember correctly we lost to Rob/Dustin by 10+.  Then we lost to Murray/Partner, I believe Sean had a tough first ten points.  We made a run at the end but ran a little short at the end.  Next we played Brown/Daryl.  They beat us too but I sneak in a great block on Brown.  I showed line and jumped all over the angle.  And with all my blocks it didn’t turn into a point.  I think Brown covered and got the next shot for a winner.  However, this was our best game as a team.  I believe we lost 18-21.

The Plumb/Kuk team seemed to be winning most of the early matches on center.  Brown/Daryl and Ian/Dan seemed to be playing well also.  I recall a close game where Plumb blocked a ball to make it 21-21 but he netted, thus losing 19-21.  The team of Plumb/Kuk split so that Ryan/Plumb could team up.

This brings us to my last game of the day.  Kuk picks me up.  I proceed to tell Mike that he better have his backpack ready.  I also state my passing has been good all day but I can’t sideout.  We play Rob/Dustin.  First play, I shank my first pass (great).  They serve Mike on accident, i think it never even made it over.  Dustin made a funny comment that I can’t recall about serving him.  I played awful.  Mike missed a bunch of serves.  Rob kept digging me and putting it over on one for a kill (this was a pattern for this game and the first time we played too).  I think we lost by 4-7 points.

Hopefully I can continue to come out for Saturday mornings and early afternoons and get back a little bit of my game.

Last thing I recall as I was walking off the beach, Darryl’s net on center while talking COD to me.  Which I cannot wait to play with you guys.  I plan to change my gamertag tomorrow.  Then I will email it to you.  It’s currently a company name and I need to change it because I do not own that company (long story).


I need to put my two cents in.  I was not there.  So this is MY HUMBLE OPINION.
I would have thought it weird also if we’ve been setting up in the same spot for a long time and and group has been playing in a different same spot for a long time.  Then the different group setup in our so-called spot.  WEIRD is the key word her.  NOT wrong.  Just weird.  The beach belongs to none of us.  First come first serve to location.  As long as we can all remain friends that is the important thing.


What else, if anything would you like to POST about?
i.e. movie reviews


Any one got any scoop on the AVP?  I saw Darryl’s FB post and the date on their website.  What gives?


Florida Beach Tours
Again, IMHO, do what you want with your tour.  I personally think it would be in everyone’s best interest to have tournaments on different weekends but I’m totally okay with it if you don’t.


Going Forward
Please bookmark because I will most likely be dropping the redirect.
Also, keep an eye out for a new email address and mailing address when/if I move.


I actually enjoyed writing this again.  Hopefully you enjoyed reading it.  If you do, please post something, anything.  If you want me to add a sponsor link, let me know, I’d be glad to.  Only one that comes to mind is the Kong Volleyball.

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Summer is officially over

September 24, 2010
I was lucky enough to hook up with Mr. Kuk today.  We played pretty well most of the day.  I always enjoy playing with Mike.  He is a very good player, a great person, and kind of throws a small joke out every once in a while.

Before the scores, I really need to start taking notes again.  I wanted to throw another Congratulations to Dustin.  Sorry I was not able to attend the wedding.  I hear it was very nice and sounds like everyone has a great time.

I’m pretty sure the first game we played was against Kim/Aaron.  Awesome to see Kim spiking like a guy on the men’s height net.  Aaron roofed me and I blocked Aaron.  Aaron likes to say his block was more impressive, which it was, but they all count the same.  Aaron had a rough game and I think we won 21-15.  The day started off rather calm but as the day continued the wind picked up to make a nice good side.  Game two was againt Ian/Todd B.  It was a flash from the past for me as I know Todd from our upstate days ten years ago.  Not too much trouble in this game either as me dispatched them 21-16.  Ian had a little trouble siding in the begining of the game that helped us get off to a nice lead.  I believe we had a couple digs off a few roll shots.  Funny moment as I tried to peel off the net and fell on my butt.  Ian called me bambi.  Kuk actually laughed out loud.  Third match was against Kent/Jay G.  This match was close early.  In the middle they told a big lead, 7 points.  I remember Kent blocking me. I served 7 in a row, one on the bad side and 6 on the good side before finally missing one.  Kent shattered his glasses by throwing them into the pole.  He states, it’s all good since they were from the dollar store.  All I was thinking was I’m glad they werent the glasses I lent to Ian.  We went on to win 21-19, 22-20 or something like that.  Next match was a rematch against Ian/Todd.  We had game point and Ian rolled a ball that was too close to call.  I thought it may have been out with backsand bouncing the line.  Kuk was unsure Ian/Todd never got a good look.  We replayed and they got the next three points for the win 20-22.  In a not for fun game I would have fought harder, but for fun, replay works for me.  Good game either way.  So we have to drop down a court where we play Chris B/Dustin.  They got up big on us before Mike and I turned up the juice for a 21-19 win.  Chris had a couple 2-balls and they played solid.  We were lucky to pull out this win as I did not play well.  Back to center.  Sadly I can’t remember who we played. I can only guess it was Kent/Jay or Ian/Todd.  Whoever it was, we won.  With my 2pm deadline approaching we played one last match against Kim/Aaron.  1st point of the game was this crazy long rally that no one deserves to lose with multiple digs by multiple people.  And everyone around was loving it.  I think they got that first point and  rode the momentum for a while.  Finally, down 6, Kuk and I made our move on the good side again with me serving.  We even got them to switch sides for a point.  We took the lead and I thought we had them.  Only to lose 19-21.  Props to Kim/Aaron for the win.

MOP: Kim

Another woman hanging with the guys. Very impressive all day.  Not sure how they did the rest of the day but the two matches against us she played great.

If Kuk and I won I think it would have gone to Kuk. He played great.  I had a little trouble setting him late in the day and I think that hurt us.  I keep setting too far off the net.  All in all a great day.  Thanks again Mike.

See everyone in two weeks as I am on call next week.  Keep a look out for Jackson’s first trip to the beach week.  I am very excited for everyone to meet him.  So come out to the beach on October 9th to meet him.

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Movie: Remember Me

Plot: How people handle the loss of a loved one.

Grade: B-

Sundquist Says: Interesting movie.  A little slow at times, but has a twist and a tear-jerker moment.

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Trip to Michigan

Going thru the family security check rocks.  Very fast and everyone was very helpful.  Jackson had his first plane ride.  He did really well.  He even slept on the seat between me and Laura.  As we exited the plane I felt a cold breeze.  Yup, fall has hit Michigan.  It was twenty degrees colder than Florida when we arrived. 

Anthony’s wedding was very nice.  we had a great time.  Everyone loved Jackson’s pin-stripped suit.  If it wasn’t for the bride and groom he would have been the head-liner.  Jackson even fell asleep on the dance floor.  Very cute.  Food was great, party was fun, I wish nothing best for the bride and groom.

We had a few good meals: Shoguns (Japanese steakhouse), Zingerman’s (deli in Ann Arbor), the chicken at the wedding and a bbq that I actually never got to eat.

On Saturday, we went to the BIG House, Michigan stadium.  Absolutely huge, 100,000+ people.  Totally a colleg town.  We only got to watch until half time but the experience was still a bunch of fun.  The stadium is interesting in that they dug out the ground so the stadium would not stick above ground as much.  I think we saw 3 TD’s in the last minute plus of the half.  I bet a lot of people missed a lot of action while they left their seats a little early to go to the bathroom or get food.

Even though this wasnt not an official vacation, it was still nice to get home to my own pillow, Florida’s warm and sunny skies.  Michigan was very overcast and much colder.

Thanks as always to Laura’s mom and dad for taking such good care of us while we were there.

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NFL, Week 2

upset: Miami over Minn
my team: kept me up all night for a last second loss to the Saints
biggest win: Houston’s comeback

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NFL, Week 1

upset: texans over colts (I predicted)
My team getting killed: 49ers sux in Seattle (over hyped, bad qb)
Controversial call: Detroit got screwed even if the call is right. The rule is wrong
Overall sucky games: offenses look horrific
Pleasant Surprise: Hometown Buccaneers get a W
Fantasy: Arian Foster and Chris Johnson put up big numbers, too bad I have neither on my team.
MOP: Arian Foster

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Movie: She’s not that into you

Plot: Super hot girl starts to date not so good looking guy

Grade: C+

Sundquist Says: Another just okay movie. If it’s on watch it. Everyone is someone’s 10 somewhere.

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Saturday, September 11, 2010
Please remember all that were lost and thank everyone who fights for our great country.

My day at the beach began by some dude Ray picking me up to play on court two. He seemed like a nice enough guy and was willing to play left side so I was already liking him. Our first game was against Chris and Ian. Sadly I don’t remember too much about the day. I will do my best. I think it was a back and forth game until late where we ended up winning.

Brown made a comment about playing Kuk. I was like, dude how are you jumping courts to center (you and Aaron only beat Murray on court three). My bad, Dustin/Rob, congrats on the victory over Kuk and Travis. I should have known better. Dustin/Rob have been underdogs (in height only) pulling off upsets all summer. Travis states they worked him with no block and dug everything.

So we now get Rob/Dustin on center. Travis, needs a sub on court two with his knee issues continuing. Kent steps in to play with Kuk. Back to center, Dustin states he is going to be a daddy. Huge CONGRATS! They held a mini lead on us until around 15-15. I then went on a run serving from the good side to get to 19-16 switch. We closed them out at 21-19. By this point I know Ray can ball and we should continue to have a good day.

Over on court two Aaron/Brown put away Kuk/Kent about 15-16 per Kent.

We go from good little to good big. I recall, trying to tool Brown out to the pier but he wisely pulls his hands back. I also recall getting blocked by Plumb. Brown/Plumb either hit over us or around us. Brown aced us on a change-up. They beat us handily at 16, I think.

We drop back down to court two to play Kuk/Kent. We picked on Kent a little and were able to pull off another win to get back to center.

Rematch against Aaron/Brown as they had just beat Chris/Ian. Ray and I were able to make the bigger plays in this rematch. Brown made a few errors late and Aaron missed an easy cut shot.

I think we beat Ian/Chris on center pretty easily on center.

Last match for me of the day, grudge match against Brown/Aaron. MOP in the balance. Brown played the best in the grudge match, I was shot. I cannot believe they served Ray as much as they did. I had been passing okay but off the net making it harder for Ray to set me and me to hit over my shoulder. As the game continued Ray made a few errors as did I. They finished us off at 17 or so. Overall a fun day playing with someone I did not even know when the day began. Thanks for playing, I will run with you any day.

MOP: David Brown

Congrats to you as you stepped up your game in the grudge match as we tried to work you.

BOTD (Bleeder of the Day): me, me scab ripped right off and I had blood dripping all down my leg

TOTD: Aaron/Brown, only loss was to us, but they beat us 2-1.

GGOTD (Good Guy of the Day): me, I took a picture for two young lady’s down by the water

Other Observations:
Gwen building a bunch of castles and one for Murray away from the rest.

Kuk playing on the lower courts, don’t get used to seeing that.

The humidity was a killer. Perfect beach day

All the great college football games did not pan out.

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