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Saturday, May8,2010
Crazy rough start. To appreciate the start to my day you have to realize I had been up 20 hours in a row the night before. Today will be my first beach day. After looking for orange Gatorade mix all week I decided I could just do water for the day because was leaving the beach at 2pm. However I left my water on the counter, strike one. I also, knew I had no sunscreen. So I planned on going to walmart and getting a new umbrella and sunscreen. In walmart I couldn’t find either. Strike two. I parked the car and tried to go into the gas station to get Gatorade. They will not let me in with my bag and umbrella, strike three.

Plus the start of my beach year start outside of Frenchy’s. I was just bummed I didn’t get to eat a grouper sandwich. The setup was great because we got to camp out under the bridge. To s of shade without putting up one umbrella.

Rob was a very gracious host on my first day back. He gave me sunscreen and cold water. To him, I owe you and thNk you again.

On to the important stuff. The all important ball roll to play with Mike Pixler. I won the ball roll while I was sitting on my butt. I turned that ball roll into a pretty nice day. Pix and I won our first couple games by holding our opponents under double digits. We beat brown and chris, Mike k and mike m in those games. Pix and I served pretty well and played good defense. Pix even recovered a dig I had shanked over the net out of bound, back to me to keep the play alive And we eventually won the point. Btw pix also bounced a few balls. Next up is brown and Damian. They run 7 straight points from the good side. It’s looking pretty bad. We get to the good side and get the games back to 6-8 for the switch. We both felt back in the game. We trailed until we finally pulled even at 14’s. I think we won by four or so points. I got an excuse me dig on damain and a real one later. I thought I was running short on time. I actually had to feed a meter $5. I cannot remember the last time I paid to park. Apparently I had Enough time for another game. This one against Ryan and plumb. We got off to another 0-7 start. We were like, we can do this, we just did it last game. Ryan joked saying pix had never been down 0-7 in his life. I didn’t not get any better. 3-11, 6-16. We never made double digits. Karma for all the games we held our opponents to single digits earlier in the day.

2pm, off to be with the family for the rest of the day. Not a bad day. Only lost the last game of the day. Four hours of fun. Ryan wants to name my MOP. I have to differ since this is a dictatorship.

MOP – mike Pixler

That guy is good. Good hitting all day. Good serving. That crazy run under the net play. Carrying my butt all day on my first day back. Plus M.P. The initials of mike Pixler. MOP notice the M and the P. Coincidence, I think not.

If you all want I will put MOP as a poll question every week. However this means you actually have to read my blog. Reply sometimes and even vote.

It was great seeing every one again. See you at bayhead and Clearwater beach the rest of the season. Jackson is hoping to make his beach debut in October.


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