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Law abiding citizen – groin

Just watched this movie. Not bad. I’d have to give it a “b”. If you can get over some of the gore the premise is interesting. It is amazing how smart some people are. That’s all I will say.

Here I am trying to do the right thing by trying to stretch, drill and train. Last week was my first week back. I started off by doing sprints before playing at bayhead. Then played on Saturday. Sunday I even felt good enough to do a little bally’s workout. Everything seemed fine. That was until Thursday at bayhead. Once again I was the first one there. I did a little stretching and started with sprints. My right knee, which is the bad one, felt a little sore but I figured nothing more than normal. Second sprint in I felt something wrong. I tried to do more stretching and a couple more sprints. It only got worse. I called it a night.

Sadly it has not got any better over the last couple days. I will head to the gym in the morning and check out my pain threshold again.

Hopefully I will heal soon and get back on the sand.


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