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Back in the saddle again

See David’s High Line

See David’s Cutty

As you can guess with the video’s, my MOP is David Holewinski. He was back in the saddle again with Mike Pixler running the courts. Just check out the patented shots above. Welcome back sir.

I only played two games today. First game I played with Murray against the winning duo. We stayed close until 14-14. They just played the last 7 points better. I think we lost 16-21. Pixler had a big block on my roll shot and Murray missed a serve. Next game I played with plumb. Plumb played great. We got a little bit of a lead. Then David/Mike started picking on me as I was unable to sideout. Smart play by them. My legs felt pretty jello-e. Still trying to work my way back into shape. David and Mike had a few nice hustle plays during the day. And they were the best team today.

Avatar has showed up in the mail today. I’ve been waiting to see this movie since it hit the theaters. Much hype on this movie. I will give you my rating after I watch it. Most likely we will watch on Sunday. As the Celtics play tonight. Priorities.

After the beach the family went for a nice walk, Jackson in stroller as he cannot walk yet. Then I finally washed the Sante Fe. It seriously has not been washed since we bought it in November of 2008. Maybe tomorrow I will wash the Camry.


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  1. Where is rock paper scissors?

    Comment by Brown | May 27, 2010 | Reply

    • I switched the blog to a free site to save some money. I will try to get rock paper scissors back on the blog in some fashion.

      Comment by jonsundquist | May 30, 2010 | Reply

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