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Plumb gifted me JD today

Saturday, May 29th
The day started out bright and beautiful. After setting up plumb hooked me up with JD for the day. JD and I have played together a few times a bayhead with mixed results. I believe this was the first time we hooked up as partners on a Saturday. And for me playing on a Saturday is way different then playing after work at bayhead. Everyone seems fresher on the weekend. I think most people are jus happy to get a little exercise during the week. Plus loosening the joints seems harder after being at work all day.

First game was against two guys I didn’t know. I believe we were up most of the game a couple points and pulled away in the end 21-17.

Next up, team Kuk. We got up on them early 11-4 with. 7 – 0 side switch with me serving. We held a big lead on them most of the game until the end where mike serve a couple sneaky short balls. I believe this game was 21 – 16.

Third game of the day was chris and I believe Alex (this dude is taller then JD). This was a back and forth game with Alex and chris holding a two point advantage until 16-14. From here on in JD and I went on a little run and finished them off I believe 21-19. A little controversy on game point. JD blocked a ball for the game but noone really saw it land. I thought it was in but Jd and Alex were blocking my view. Chris’s face said it was in but he said he was looking up. I was actually ready to replay the point but I think JD persuaded them that we won. (I blocked the really tall guy. It was on a hands call but I still bolcked him).

Last game for JD, we played Aaron and mike murray. Good feat for them to make it all the way to the show court since the started on the bottom of three workup courts. However, JD put on a little serving display to start the game and Aaron and mike never really recovered. I do t remember the score but I don’t think it was pretty. JD bombed a spike for game point. He hit the ball so hard and far that I couldn’t even find my new ball for like 15 minutes. Somehow the ball eventually ended up back next to my water bottle on our court.

MOP is easy today, JD played huge.

High point: winning all four games with JD
Low point: someone stealing my shirt. Indrove home bare-chested. Normally not an issue. However when I left the beach at 1pm it was pouring. Not to bi of a loss since it wS a free tournament shirt. I’m sure someone grabbed it by accident. When whoever gets home and tries on my medium boy will they be surprised.

The rest of the day was spent with Laura and Jackson. Today was jackson’s first day to run errands with us. It started okay at walgreens, best buy and babies r us. Then off to walmart. Then Jackson became little fusy. We tried to push thru a quick wendys stop with a diaper change. Next off to bed bath and beyond. Now he is really getting unhappy with real crying in the store. The crying stops our errands a little short and we head home. Not bad for a first try. Next time we will limit our stops. We thought it was just too many in the car out of the car.

Once home, I am trying to sleep off a little bit of a sore throat that came out of no where. Hopefully I didn’t get anyone sick. I will be trying to rest up so that I can see you all at the kuk’s.


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