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Finally watched Avatar

Let’s just say watching a movie with a newborn is a lot different then watching a movie without one. Laura and I have had Avatar at home for about ten days. In the past we never would have waited this long to watch a movie that was as heralded as this one. But times sure have changed, for the best but they are still different. In addition to waiting ten days you cannot just watch a 2.5 hour movie straight thru any more either. Interuptions are the norm now.

On to the movie. I thought it was good. Not great. I only watched on a 50″ plasma. I’m sure it was better on a big screen with IMAX sound and 3D. Very interesting story except I just saw the same thing with Gamer a few months earlier. Obviously this movie is much better in many ways. I’m still a sucker for movies with a twist or about time. Those kinds will always be king to me.

Grade: B

Definitley worth seeing.


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