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The big trip up NORTH

Realize, I have not ventured up NORTH since I moved here in 2002 (except to Michigan with Laura twice).  I will try not to bore you with all the details of the trip.  Instead I will give you some highs, lows, and things I thought were funny.

I will try to do in chronological order:
– two hours into the trip on baby stop #1 we realize we left our passports at home (no Niagara Falls, no cutting across Canada to Michigan to save time)
– realized Richmond VA is much bigger than I th0ught, had some trouble finding hotel room.
– made it to NJ to pay respects to my mom
– visited my childhood home, if you never done this, it really brings back memories.  I hadn’t been there in 22 years.
– spent the evening and morning with my sister and her family in PA.  Arrived and it was 48 degrees, so wrong, very cold.  Reminded me why I moved to Florida.
– drove to upstate NY to see another house I lived in and visit my best man James and his parents (who are like family to me)
– James felt so guilty about the weather he got us sweatshirts from his ski shop, Bergers.  If you need equipment look him up.  I know we live in FL and it doesn’t snow here.
– next stop, Michigan to spent time with Laura’s family and their family reunion (main reason for the trip)
– while there we ate at Baha Fresh, went to Somerset mall (big), visited her brother’s town, ate at Red Robin’s (Jackson’s first time at a sit down restuarant) with Cindy, Brian, Lucas and Kevin.  Got to check out a real butcher and bakery.  We don’t know any good ones in Tampa.  So if you know of one please let us know.
– had a great time at the family reunion, Jackson was a hit of course.
– drove home, an hour outside of Tampa, Jackson had had enough of being in the car and start to be fusy

Signs you don’t see in FL that we saw on our trip:

– had to call Sneed for the last one because we saw it in his home state of Ohio.  Its a no hazardous material sign.  Apparently he knew the sign from being a drivers ed teacher not a resident of Ohio.

Jackson was very well behaved overall on the entire trip.  So, take that all you nay-sayers about driving across the country with a new-born.

Approximate miles driven (i hit the rest button for the trip odometer on accident): 3200+
States visited: 12 (a few multiple times)
Oil changes: 1

Trip overall went very well.  I would even do it again.  Which we might in September for Anthony’s (laura’s brother) wedding.


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