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Major accomplishment today

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Jackson was able to flip from his belly to his back twice this morning. His is major stuff as it is the first thing we will put in his baby book bye can also lift his bead but we forgot to mark that one down. Then when I tried to video tape this feat, of course Jackson no longer wanted to show off his new skill. Maybe tomorrow. If I vet the video it will certainly be posted.

On to the volleyball. Wow! Was it hot. It reminds me of the wow that’s a low price commercials.

People were taking timeouts to hide in the shade. That’s when you know summer has officially arrived.

Rob, Aaron, pixel, Kuk and I all rolled off for teams. Kuk/plumb were team one. Rob was team two and pixel and I had to go into overtime ball rolling to see who played with rob, pixel won. My prize, sit under the pier in the shade. Which actually wasn’t so bad on this sweltering day.

My first game I pickup mike Murray. We play daryl/rusty. We actually are playing even. We make a mini run to go up 18-14. I am feeling pretty good. YeAh, that didn’t last as we lost 21-18. I was on left side and had a hard time siding out. Mike Got aced and the next couple points just went bye bye.

Daryl tapped out and let me play with rusty. We played Derek/Damian (not kondronas). Rusty let me play right-side and we rolled on the low net. Next we played Kuk/plumb who had worked their way all the way to the show court. They played solid, we did not. We got it a little closer at the end but they still won comfortably. Last game for rusty and I was against Derek/damain again. At this point rusty and I were done. Derek got 4 aces on me with dibblers over the net and on a park and sun net they dropped straight down.

MOP: tie for Kuk/plumb for being the team of the day

Best hit goes to dan k who bounced one over the pier. It was the low side but it was a real good hit.

Came home and watched my first world cup action only to see USA go down early, make a come back and loss in OT. Totally got all of Americas hopes up. Tough go get used to a sport with so little scoring.

Laura and I got curbside carabbas for dinner. I just love that place.

Trying to watch a movie but Jackson is not cooperating by going to sleep. Oh the joys of parenthood.


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