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Where all the peeps at?

July 10, 2010

Ah, free parking. Just like it should be. It’s still odd to me going to frenchy’s instead of the pier 60. Even though the shaded pier at frenchy’s is very nice. I still miss the old days.

Where is everyone? It’s summer for goodness sake.
No Holewinski
No brown
No plumb
No Rambo
No Pixler
No Schmidt

Summers are just different maybe I’m just getting older. Heck I leave by 2pm to be with my family.

Games were just okay for the day. Rob and I took out Murray and pete. Then we lost to Kuk/pete. I then lost with Murray two more times. Rob and Murray were both having some trouble passing. Kuk absolutely destroyed a ball in warmups and pete was solid all day. Migel showed up to team up with rob but I ended my day before 2pm even hit. The sand was a little hard and I thought I may have hyperextended my knee. Must be all that left side I’ve had to play the last two times out to the beach.

Remember the summer is half over. Go to the beach.

In the evening we watched “shutter island”. Decent movie with a twist.

Jackson continues to grow. He is talking a lot. Smiling and cooing. We even got him rolling over on film. I may even post if it if I’m not too lazy. It’s really easy to post from my iPhone.

Speaking of iPhone. Does any one have the iPhone 4? If so, are you have the reception issues? Well apple is actually having a press conference tomorrow at 1pm EST. Presumably to talk about the issues.


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