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Pleasant surprise

Friday, June 16, 2010
Laura and I watched valentine’s day. Many stars decent movie. Not not sappy but a little predictable. Sundquist says B-. I’m adding the plus minus scale because I think it is needed. So many movies fit into the plus minus.

Saturday, June 17, 2010
Happy birthday James Sherrick! James is the person I have known the longest in my life. We have known each other since one years old. Hope you are enjoying your birthday on the boat.

As for me I’m off to the beach. I got there a little earlier then I had been so I could get a free spot and help setup a net. As for partners I picked up JD. Not bad, eh!

We went 5-0! I heard someone else say 7-0 but these are the only games i remember. We beat mike k/Aaron twice, Damian/jay g, Scott/Austin, rob/pete. Started off the day with a few blocks on mike k. Some were blocks and three in a row were touches that i was able to set up JD and he was able to crush. Next up was Scott/Austin. This was the closest game, they served me really well and I did not pass well in that game. JD picked me up in that game for sure. All the other games I held my own and then some. As you can image I saw most of the serves. I side out well most of the day but where I earned my keep was playing behind JD’s big block. I had my fair share of easy digs but I also had some nice fun downs. Even a couple one handers going left digging left. There was a ridiculous rally that we won I just remember mike made a good dig, we made a better dig, JD had to chase one down, mike made another dig, we made another dig then JD put it away. JD had some huge blocks as well. Some of the roof variety against pete, rob, Damian and jay (even a head block). I got a couple more blocks myself on rob and pete as well. Jay hit a ball that messed up my thumb for the rest of the afternoon.

Other games, I saw a sweet set by Darryl ( sorry I can’t comment on anything else for you). Ryan G made a beach appearance and played with Blakesly. Ryan Schmidt also made an appearance. Nice to see those two out at frenchy’s. I did see Ryan try to two ball which I thought I’d never see.

Epic game of the day was plumb/Kuk vs jay/Damian on court two as we had a three court workup which is always nice. Jay and damian must have been down late but jay served five huge serves from the good side to pull even. Only problem Damian was over heating and needed a few timeouts in the shade to recoup. I know they were tied at 14-14, 21-21, 25-25. Damian finally retired at 25-25 just to be safe. Murray subbed in and just like that game over. Kuk/plumb win.

Laura and I got cody’s Saturday and Sunday. We were supposed to use gift cards we got however I didn’t read the fine print that you cannot use on Saturday, doh, my bad. Then on Sunday we were too lazy to cook zoned decided to use the gift cards then. I think we have had enough cody’s until next years BOGO sale. Next big special is olive gardens never ending pasta bowl (holewinski’s) I hope you are ready.

We also checked out stellie bellies which is a used baby store. We picked up a baby carrier. Looks new and paid half of retail.

Sunday, June 18, 2010
Another day of stellie bellies, this time the st. Pete location. Much bigger and better selection. We also played wii Harry potter. I think I mentioned this before. These movie Lego games are a riot.

Jackson has learned how to get out of his swaddle-me blanket. Not good, this means he is not sleeping as well as he has been. That little boy is so smart. He amazes me each and every day. Boy oh boy do I love my son.

Have a great week all!


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