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Get well Jason Scott

July 30, 2010
Laura and I watched “extreme measures”. Harrison ford and brendon fraser. Movie about a crippling disease. And how the two combine their efforts in creating a new drug for a cure. I think the disease is called pompe.

Jon’s rating: C

Not good, not bad. Just sort of there.

Saturday, July 31, 2010
I hook out with Rambo, no the other one, literally. I played with Brian. We start off the day playing frank, kim’s husband and rob. We were able to take them down in game one of the day. Nothing too exciting on either side. I believe frank had one nice angle spike. I remember bc the ball made it all the way under the pier where the sandspurs are. And we were on court 2 from the pier but court 1 of mens action for the day.

Next we played the twin towers of the day, dan k and Aaron. I knew on of them would have to play their of side since they are both right-siders. Dan ended up playing left for them. They won the rock-paper-scissors and took side since there was a nice good side today. For whatever reason I decided to serve, a little unconventional but I figured what the heck. We got off to a nice 5-2 lead but that evaporated pretty quick. Next thing I know Brian wants me to take 5/8ths the court (did I mentioned I’m blocking full-time already). I actually thought Brian was doing alright but infill middle anyway. The game progressed to 14-14 then they pull away for the win. After the game unheard Brian think I was going to dump him to play with someone else. I guess he doesn’t know me that well.

After the loss we drop down a court to play ewen/Jason Scott. The two of them plus dan had already completed a bike ride of 25 miles or so. Started the game with a dribbler ace. With me being the biggest player neither team was crushing the ball. It was most shots and digs. I had a couple jumbos. One over Jason and ewen. Jason had a nice claw shot (I forgot he had mastered that shot). We pulled away late and Brian finished them off with 2-3 more ace dribblers. We had 4-5 total.

Back up to show court and a rematch with dan/aaron. Great, back to me blocking full time. I was actually able to ace dan a couple times early. I think we got in their heads. They had a couple bad passes inaddition to the aces. They gave us a few hits in the net too. I think I got a block even. We sort of pulled away and won at 15 or 16.

Last match of the day for me win or lose. Rematch number two of the day. This time against Jason/ewen. Just a back and worth game as I recall. At 18-17 them, Jason tries to block my hit on two. Somehow we knock legs, but it was a clean play and Jason tweaked his ankle pretty bad where they had to forfeit the rest of the game.

I was saving 3 beers that had been in my fridge taking up space for the MOP of the day. However, with jason’s injury I felt it was only fair to give the beer to him. Get well soon. Hopefully I did not mess up the triathlon training.

On the courts outside of where I was playing. Darryl had two really nice hits from what I saw. However, I heard darryl was sucking a little wind from the rough humidity today. Chis, from Hugo/tim/mike crew had a beautiful set that Hugo hit. Lefty/right Josh was spiking up a storm, well at least in warmups he was. The girls, Wendy, Carla, Kim and Alex played a little qotb. I think I heard Wendy won. It was fun to hear them all talk trash, even if it was in good fun.

MOP: Brian Rambo

Even though he doesn’t think he gave me a set all day, which may be true, he sided out when he needed to and also made some very good digs. Most importantly he wS fun to play with and we had a good day!

August 1, 2010
Just another relaxing Sunday with a little BBQ at the end of the day

Jackson update:
We have actually got him to giggle. It looks like he is also getting ready to crawl. Sadly, he picked up his first cold. It rough to watch your child cough and not be able to help. He’s taking medicine and feeling better. His medicine is supposed to taste lime bubble-gum but whenever we try to give it to him he spits it out. Laura sampled the medicine and says it definitely tastes like bubble-gum but it has a nasty after taste. I guess we now know why he tries to spit it out.

I been hearing really good things about “inception”. Only six more months till it makes video and I get to see it.

If you have any rental ideas, let me have ’em.


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