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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Up at 6:30a to wake up Jackson and feed him.  Pretty much just lounging around the house and playing with Jackson until its time to head to the beach.  Got to the beach and help setup court two.  Don’t be lame, help with the nets.(you know who you are).  It’s not easy lugging them around and setting them up every week.  We actually had at least nine teams on a four court work up.  I partnered up with fireman Dave (you have a six month old daughter, more on that later).  I thought we would do quite well today.  We definitely did not do as well as I had hoped. 

We started the day playing Aaron and Mike Murray.  I believe we got off to a good start then they made a big run on us.  The deciding factor was a tight set where Aaron blocked me that landed just out of bounds.  The line never moved but it was darn close.  The ball mark was out but the ring the ball made was actually on the line.  We decided to replay the point.  Dave spiked the next sideout and we ended up winning that game.  Dave threw out the old comment, “it must have been out.”  Aaron admitted later that he thought the ball was actually out.  So I think we won 22-19 instead of 21-19. 

Up next, feature court vs JD and new guy Nate.  Nate forced JD off to right-side.  He seemed solid but JD was still the bread winner on this team.  I served the first point where we got a free ball but a ball rolled on.  REPLAY, I net the next serve.  I really did not get any better from there.  Here is where it gets interesting.  Dave and I both go for a middle float serve.  I pass it directly into Dave’s face.  The ball pushes his glasses into his face and gets him a nice little gash.  Dave, being a firefighter toughs it out with a little tape on the face and the game continues.  FLASHBACK (Jason Scott turns his ankle during a play at the net against me.  It was a clean play).  I aced Nate on a jump float, however they thought Nate got his hands under.  I know I totally aced him, but REPLAY.  They side out.  Even later in the game Nate was trying to say what happened during the play but the way he described it.  It would have been an ace and a point for us.  I recall JD blocking me on one or two balls.  I recall being able to tool JD and Nate a couple times.  Overall, JD/Nate definitely out played us pretty good.  I think we only got 11-13 points.  It was close for a while but got  ugly late.

Aside: Wind today at the beach was at least 14mph per Mike Murray’s phone

Back to court two.  We get David Brown (returning from cruising) and Jay Gordon.  I dont recall much of this game but they too totally outplayed us.  We did get down 2-5 and caught back up to 6-8.  I also remember Dave getting jumbo’d a few times.  Good side was good to most teams.  Sadly not Dave and I.  We really did not take advantage of the wind while serving.  I also remember getting aced by Jay.  I did get a nice tool off Jay up high and he didn’t want to say touch, but had too.  Good form Jay.  In the end, they also beat us down with a score around 11-13.

Dropping down to court three to play Mike Kuk (returning from cruising) and Travis.  This marks the return of Travis.  Travis really can make and entrace with his new blonde hair.  Think Chris Blakley, same do.  Travis was solid, nothing exciting, but solid no the less.  Travis did get a heavy deep line hit that left a little mark on me (i was a dig for me though).  Last memory, a long rally where I dug about 3-4 balls in a roll but I dug them all right back over to Mike/travis.  Finally Kuk got a straight down kill (no block) on my fourth attempt to go over on one.  Oddly, I think we lost this game around 11-13.  Losing on court three gets you a seat under the pier and a trip to court four after sitting a game.

Court four (after sitting one game as mentioned above) against Reggie and partner.  Last game of the day for me unless we win fast.  That did not happen but we did end up leaving on a winning note.  This was by far the windiest part of the day and made for even uglier volleyball.  Another good start for us, then a comeback by them.  We squeked out a victory of 21-19. 

With this victory of to rinse off in the gulf then home.  One nice thing about windy days is the mini waves we get.  Not enough to sulf but definitely enough to body surf.

Other games or things of interest:
     – Looked like a good game on center between JD/Nate and Brown and Jay.  I saw a couple good points.  Nice spike from Brown.  I recall gamepoint too, sorry Brown, JD reached right over you for a kill.
     – Darryl’s sweet hands in the wind
     – Darryl and Robb’s come back win against, i think Migel, three aces from the good side and a net on Migel
     – good match up on court two between Travis/kuk and jay/brown.  I believe kuk/travis won but I didn’t see any of the action

     Undefeated again today and just hitting high above everyone else and getting tons of blocks.  JD and Nate might have been and better team then JD and me a couple weeks ago but I must say I played better defense.  In Nate’s column, he may have sided out better than me. (maybe not, i held my own that week)

Props: Fireman Dave
     Toughing it out after that nasty gash on his face. I had a good time playing today, even though you didn’t set very well, per you. (i will not argue, jk)

Nice to see at the beach: Kevin Legg
     Kevin just had back surgery.  So as you can guess, he was not playing.

Something I did not know: Stephanie Legg may have a little road rage.


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  1. David Brown sent me this:

    No ploy for MOP, tough to ever be MOP now with JD out there, but here are my games with Jay Gordon.

    W vs I have not seen him forever Jon Sundquist and Dave (forgot the score, but I know you got that one!) Red net.
    L vs JD and I don’t know who he played with 18-21. (Came back to make it look like we were in the game) Center
    L vs Kuk and Travis 19-21. Bad loss. Jay struggled with Travis’ middle serve. Wind was high. Close the whole way. Red net
    W vs Miguel and Jake 21-14. Not a fair pairing for Miguel. Wind didn’t help his partner’s play. Yellow net (almost ready for a beer at F’s)
    W vs Plumb and Ryan 21-13. Ryan looked Rusty. Wind a factor. Red net
    W vs Kuk and Travis 22-20. Better game than first match up. Much less wind now. Center
    W vs Rob and tall Alex. 21-14. Center

    It was so nice to be able to play a bunch of games and have the breeze and overcast and not bake horrendously. It was great to see you again. Believe I bounced a nice one in the loss vs JD, so thanks for the cheers on that!


    Comment by jonsundquist | August 9, 2010 | Reply

    • see second comment

      Comment by travis | August 9, 2010 | Reply

  2. Jon,

    Mike and I beat JD/Nate 21/16.

    MOP Mike Kuk

    Kuk played with the broken old guy and still managed to win 6 games and lose 22-20 to Jay/Dave and 22-20 Aaron/Ryan. Mike called a questionable hand set on himself when we were up game point in the second loss. (The hands were better than most I saw all day).

    Comment by travis | August 9, 2010 | Reply

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