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The joke is on me

Saturday, August 14, 2010
I got a pretty good night sleep because slept pretty much all the way thru the night.  I think it was just because he had his four month shots (which by the way, Jackson did not even cry after the needle came out of his chubby legs).  So I got to the beach a little earlier today.  Low and behold, five nets were already setup.  CRAZY!!  Kuk, Dustin, Aaron and Robb did all the heavy lifting from what I could tell.

The day begins with a co-ed game between me/Lisa Holewinski and Carla/Carla’s brother (JD).  We got off to a pretty good start.  I had a bunch of aces on JD from the good side.  On the bad side we did not do so well and the score evened right up.  From there on out the game went back and worth.  Carla got some aces on Lisa to end the game in OT at 23-21.  Lisa, playing with you brought back fun memories of playing co-ed tournaments.  Which by the way, seems like light years ago.  Fun then and fun today.

After the coed game finished I was hanging out under the pier when Amy (Jason Scott’s wife), Dan K, and Darryl arrive.  They tell me Jason is still really hurt and needing surgery on his ankle.  This is the same injury from a couple weekends ago were we somehow got tangled on a joust.  I am feeling horrible.  I even ask Amy for their address so that I can send a care package to Jason.  Then, they finally let me know, its all a joke.  They definitely got me good.  I’m glad to know Jason was fine after a few days.  I told Amy they should have let me send the carepack then let me know.

Fireman Dave and I hookup to play together again today and we start the day by playing Darryl and Dan K in a exhibition match.  Exhibition only because the workup courts got a little out of wack from the coed games.  We almost played an entire match where we were ahead by three or four when the correct team came to court two to play us.  So I dont feel too bad about taking court two (even though we were there first).

Now that I have played a game and half before workup even starts for the day we draw Aaron and Mike K.  I got a big block for me on Aaron.  In Aaron’s defense it was a broken play for them where Aaron had to come from the back line.  Dave had a dig on someone where i sprinted like 20 years to get a second touch.  Dave tried to bump over the third hit but it was outside the antenna.  Right as I thought we might make a mini comeback, Mike hits this weird one leg slide hit that barely touches the sideline.  They polish us off from there to win 21-16.

We fall to Court three to play Alex and his partner Dan.  I thought we played pretty well in this match.  Alex single handedly kept his team in the game with an array of touches, blocks and stuff blocks at the net.  Again, Dave and I make some sort of crazy dig and follow for the second touch and we again cannot get the third ball over.  I believe the finally score was somewhere between 15-17.

Back to court two to play David Brown and David Holewinski.  David H was making a guest appearance this weekend.  It’s always nice to see him on the beach.  One cause he is a great guy and two, he brings another good player to play against.  The beach misses you David.  First point of the game, Fireman Dave sets me super tight (which is very hard since i love my sets close), Brown is there to block (or at least I thought he was) and I aim for the pier.  Oh I get the pier, but no touch on Brown since he was nowhere near the net.  The game starts get away from us a little.  And guess what happens, I make a crazy dig, Dave runs it down, and guess what I do.  I try to hit it from 20 feet off the net.  Yup, right into the bottom of the net.  We make a comeback from the good side with a couple jump float-ee’s from me.  We are down 19-20 on the good side.  I’m feeling pretty good.  I think Dave digs a ball over during a rally and neither Dave or I get a chance to block.  Brown hits it right back at fireman dave but Brown was able to over power him.  Game over 21-19. 

Fireman Dave is done for the day, I did not injure him today so I am pretty happy.  He saw a lot of the serves today and sided out great for most of the day.  He even was able to spike some of my sets that blew off the net.  Great job Dave.  Thanks again for playing with me, good times.

Off to center court as Brown picks me up when Holewinski decides to stop for the day.  We got off to a good start, 4-0 and 13-8.  We started on Aaron as he looked a little tired.  I think the turning point was a great serve by Brown that Kuk some how got up then spike for a sideout.  Unbelievible play by him.  I missed a cut shot, Brown missed a serve wide, Brown missed a line shot, I got aced twice to end our chance of even thinking comeback.

Other noteables:
Dustin is going to take over for the AVP
Darryl with a great lefty cut shot
Darryl and Dan bouncing balls over our heads in warm-ups
Dan K bouncing a ball over the pier off Mike or Aaron
Tara acing Dan and Darryl a bunch of times
The girl in the white bathing suit (Hugo being a dork yelling timeout)
Dan K cramping while resting when I was getting ready to go home
Damian playing on the kids net with a bunch of jailbait girls

MOP: Mike Kuk (if you don’t like my choice, vote on the homepage)

The dude is just a sideout machine.  And he should not be allowed to play DEFENSE as good as he does for his size.  And always humble the whole time.


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  1. I hate my wife played the surgery card on you but it made me laugh! I’ve recovered well from your monster feet!! 🙂

    Comment by jason scott | August 29, 2010 | Reply

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