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Draft, volleyball and blackouts

Saturday, August 21, 2010
8:30 My fantasy football draft begins (I feel like the jocks at the table in this espn commercial about nerds).

My roster:
     Philip Rivers, SD QB
     Michael Turner, Atl RB
     Cedric Benson, Cin RB
     Felix Jones, Dal RB
     Pierre Garcon, Ind WR
     Mike Wallace, Pit WR
     Owen Daniels, Hou TE  
     Eagles D/ST, Phi D/ST
     Stephen Gostkowski, NE K
     Jahvid Best, Det RB
     Terrell Owens, Cin WR
     Bernard Berrian, Min WR
     Tim Hightower, Ari RB
     Matt Moore, Car QB
     Vince Young, Ten QB (autopick)
     Marshawn Lynch, Buf RB  (autopick)

I arrived to the beach to find people actually already playing on Court 1.  I’m not upset, but I feel as I was left in the dark.  Every other week I’m early and all we do is just set up nets.  I like the idea, but I wish it was me playing that 1st game, especially since I have to leave at 2pm.  Hopefully this is a trend of playing early and having more people help setup the nets.

I played with Chris (unknown last name).  We started on Court 2 and played Kuk/Travis.  They were warm and we were not.  They played much better than us and beat us with ease.  I think 10-13.  I don’t recall anything special.  I do remember telling Chris to stop giving Kuk free balls as he was punishing them.

We fall to Court 3 to play Dan K/Brian M.  I think Brian was thinking this is going to be an easy win because of my play last week.  Chris and I got off to a great start of 5-2.  Only to let them come right back.  This game was pretty sloppy.  Brian made a few errors.  Chris made a few errors.  I made a few errors.  Dan was solid.  We had to stop serving him as he was just hitting over Chris and I.  As Chris is roughly the same height as me.  High points for me was chiseling some spikes past Dan.  Play of the game was at 18-20, broken play back and forth a few times.  Dan and Brian are both way out of position, Chris puts up an option ball, even though I’m sure he wanted it back, I hit it from the left-side.  The ball hits the top of the tape, the net bows, the ball goes to there side, but then somehow the ball flips back over the net straight down on our side.  Yes, it was a Spectrum net.  My bad for not rolling it deeper since Brian/Dan were both close to the net.  Game over.  Court 3 loses sit then play on Court 4.  I am not liking this heading the wrong way towards the pier the last few weeks.

Court 4 against Vincent/Reggie.  We get off to a nice start.  They comeback a little.  We pretty much hold them off the rest of the way.  This was probably the windiest game of the day.  I think we won at 17-18.

Back to Court 3, which ends up being Court two since 3 of the 4 people on Court 2 are missing.  Chris and I stick together but we are supposed to play Bill Spinner and Darryl.  Darryl has tapped out and gets replaced by Dan.  Great, now we have to play another goon/goon team.  Don’t forget goon is a term of endearment and jealousness.  This is the first time I’ve seen Bill out at the beach in a while so its nice to see another Tampa guy at the beach.  Chris serves up a hubby wife on 1st point and we pretty much rolled from there.  Bill was completely spent and should not have even played this game (he even said this later).  Not sure of the score but it was pretty ugly for them.  To add insult to injury they had to retrieve a few balls way by the Gulf (the beach was pretty packed today).  Nice to end the game on a high note, even if they played awful.

MOP: Mike Kuk
     Just dominating offense, defense and winning everything in site.  Congrats on the great play today and all summer!

Sundquist saw/noticed:
     – Sherry and I had a nice conversation under the pier
     – Moff is going to Hawaii on a way one ticket (good for him)
     – Darryl was bombing away serves and spikes
     – the top to nets were dominated by Kuk/Travis, Plumb/Migel, Brown/Gordon
     – I know Kuk/Travis were 4-1
     – I know Kuk/Travis two wins over Brown/Gordon
     – I know Brown/Gordon one win over Kuk/Travis
     – Holewinski subbed for Travis and the winning continued
     – the Gulf started to actually cool off and not feel like bath water 

I need to start playing more agressive again.  Every few weeks I need to remind myself of this.  Hell, I bounced a ball over the freaken Bayhead fence when it is tall.

Open invitation to anyone that wants to go to Never Ending Pasta Bowl at Olive Garden.  Let me know when.

Do the Buccaneers really think blacking out the games are really going to help people go to the games.  The team sucks and the economy maybe worse….At least we will get to see better games during the season when the games are blacked out.


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  1. From David Brown:

    You have to hear/read this Jon. Definitely blog worthy and you won’t know about it since you left. This was something else. Towards the end of the day for sure and Ryan and David are playing Aaron and Kuk. Obviously Aaron and Kuk playing the longest since we all started at 9 and Ryan and David came later. I played 5 games with Gordo and was beat so Sherry, Brook and I were watching this pretty good game. I did some announcing with care to hopefully not ruffle any feathers. Lots of digs and all and we paid more attention around 19-19.

    Back and forth. A lot of positives and negatives. Obviously became a game of attrition. Aaron was beat, but so was Holewinski. Ryan didn’t look to bad, but a service error on game point proved that his body was not cooperating at 100%. Side change 21-21. Pretty good play back and forth and neither team could achieve the 2 points of separation to win the game. David was limping and not jumping well, but continued to dig balls, side-out and set well. Ryan would pull out a block when a block was needed and had some digs too. Aaron looked half dead, but kept rolling. On a side change or if a ball went rolling away, 3 guys had there heads down and hands on their knees, and off Kuk would go jogging after the ball. No issues. Just fine for Mikey. 28-28 side change. I made a bet with Brook, my 8 year old daughter on who would win. I asked her pick. She could not pick anyone. She is pure sweetness and she knew picking someone meant she was picking the other team to lose. Not in her repertoire yet. No issue for Daddy though. She finally picked the clean cut Mr. Kuk. I of course picked DAVID (King’s name, my former partner, fresher team) and big Ryan. There was a play with a dig by David set by Ryan and I knew the Holewinski cut was coming for game. He missed it in the middle of the net. These guys were beat. Taking breaks under the pier while Kuk went jogging and did push-ups and carried an old lady to the water.

    They pushed on to a 35-35 side change. Aaron had had it. David was cramping. Ryan wasn’t complaining, but it had become a one play sort of thing where the extra effort if a ball came up just wasn’t there. They were giving it their all to win every point, but they were out of gas, except for Kuk. At 37-37, Aaron said “enough, I am starting to feel cold.” No one argued. They still played another point. Mike and Aaron won it. Instead of stopping like I thought they would, Aaron said, “that’s it…Next point, either a win or tie, but that is the last point.” No argument. Kuk goes back to serve. I swear I don’t think he did it on purpose but he served it in the middle of the net near the antenna. TIE. Unbelievable! No one deserved to lose that game. Kuk made it end that way. 38-38 I got to watch a group of my friends play their butts off in what had to be the most competitive game our circle of friends have played. I am cramping still as I write this, and I only played 5 games with two co-ed games after lunch and plenty of rest. David had a towel on his head and abdominal cramps. Aaron rested up. Ryan took a break, and of course, Kuk was fine. Everyone went home OK it looked like.

    Kuk and Travis held the court most of the early AM. Jay and I beat them in game 1, but they beat us twice after that. Kuk should most certainly be the MOP uncannily enough for a simple serve into the net at 38-37 that let our buddies, the competitors that refused to lose until their bodies shut down and pushed it to the limits of starting to get unsafe, all go home winners. They may have had cramps. They may have been tired. But no one lost the game of the day!

    Nice job everyone. Great playing today and that was a lot of fun all around!


    Comment by jonsundquist | August 29, 2010 | Reply

  2. From Travis:

    Too funny.

    Comment by jonsundquist | August 30, 2010 | Reply

  3. from Mike Kuk:

    Schmidt is my pick for MOP! He beat me earlier and only lost 1 game all day, working all the way up from the last court. No one was stopping Ryan all day.

    Comment by jonsundquist | August 30, 2010 | Reply

  4. from Travis Hott:

    Jay was playing well until brown decided to take him out and try for the mop himself. (note to everyone, when playing with Jay or Dave a helmet is advised.) My vote for mop mike kuk.

    Comment by jonsundquist | August 30, 2010 | Reply

  5. From aaron plumb:

    Ryan and mike co-MOP

    Comment by jonsundquist | August 30, 2010 | Reply

  6. from Ryan:

    Same question for me….

    As for MOP, can never argue with a Mike Kuk selection. I think he pretty much owned center court all day with different partners…

    Comment by jonsundquist | August 30, 2010 | Reply

  7. from Ryan:

    And that was a fun game, by the way. As miserable as three of us were, and I think I regretted playing the game immediately following, that was a fun game. It was a topic of conversation at Moff’s going away party last night, Hugo, J, and a couple of guys saw most of it and thought it was 2-3 separate games.

    David gets MOP consideration also for carrying this old fat guy against the Kuk/Plumb Dream Team. Thanks David!

    Comment by jonsundquist | August 30, 2010 | Reply

  8. For the record, I believe NFL league-wide policies dictate blackouts when games either aren’t sold out or near sold out. 90% sure of this, but too lazy to research right now…

    Comment by McCoy | August 30, 2010 | Reply

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