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Last Week, Better Late Than Never

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Many apologies for the lack of remberence….

Only one court is really playing.  JD/Kuk vs Rob/Dustin.  No one is really paying too much attention until Dustin yells out the score at 19-all.  Love small guys taking it to big guys.  However, in this game the big guys still prevailed.  Congrats to Rob and Dustin for hanging tough with such a tough team.  So Rob and Dustin drop to court two to play me and Brian McClish

All courts are now in action.  Brian got us off to a good start with a couple of good serves from the good side.  Dustin and Robb answered back with some serves of their own to even it up.  I remember Brian spiking a hit.  I remember Rob blocking me, but I covered, Brian gave me another good set, and I rolled it about an inch long.  Brian followed with an angle shoot out of bounds.  I pretty much wiffed at a ball that I thought was set over by Brian but wasn’t.  We end up losing by 2.  I played bad, Brian I thought played okay.  Brian ditched me for Dan Kutina.  Cant’t really blame him.  I played bad and Dan is good and big.

I am now without partner and on the bottom court.  Ryan was kind enough to play a game with me.  By this time the rain has started to fall.  The outlook for the rest of the day wasn’t looking very good with a storm in the Gulf.  Conditions were still good enough to play and it wasn’t pouring yet.  I think we played Brown and Ian.  I don’t recall anything from this game but they won, we lost.

At this point it is around noonish and the weather is getting even worse.  I decide to bail and hang with the family the rest of the day.

MOP: the rain for ruining a Saturday and some volleyballs at the same time.

Other thoughts:
     I’d have to assume Kuk and JD didn’t lose much.   
     Darryl still have sweet hands, even as is rains down on us
     How are people still wearing glasses as the rain is falling


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