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A night at the ballpark (Friday, I know out of order)

Friday, September 3, 2010

David H, Ryan S, Kevin L and I went out to watch the Clearwater Threshers vs the Manatees (Brewers minor league team).  I had a great time with the guys.  Seats were incredible, 1st row behind the dugout.  Cheering on David’s team only made it more fun.  Ryan Braun’s little brother was on the team.  We all thought the rest of the players on each team were midgets.  They all looked so tiny out there, and we were close so they must have been small.  David treated us all to the game, drinks, chips and hot dog combo.  So many thanks to him.  I’ve been to a bunch of baseball games in my life and I have never been in a section where a foul ball has come my way.  That was before tonight.  A few different balls came our way.  David actually got two from the dugout.  He even gave a ball to the people next to us.  I even got a Delco’s philly cheesesteak.  What more can you ask for.  I guess I could have done without the onions.

MOP: The Brewers DH who was 3-4 with 2 HR’s, a single and two walks.

The game was high scoring and the company was even better.  We need more outings away from volleyball and the beach.


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