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Saturday, September 5th, 2010
The day begin with Aaron and a few of us setting up court four.  Aaron has a crazy idea of setting up the court with the poles backwards.  After we hooked up the net we ended up turning the poles back to normal.  The net was still pretty saggy in the middle.  So half way thru the first game we swapped out the net.  I thought the net was at a pretty good height.  Later we see everyone messing with it and it looked like it was about to fall.  At least Aaron and I didn’t have to play down on court four today.  So obviously Aaron and I partnered up today.  Two right-sides.  Aaron played well most of the day and carried me.  Again I did not play very well.

Game 1: Aaron and I played Pete and Mike Murray.  Mike pretty much self exploded and Pete was not helping the cause too much either.  We won holding them to single digits or 10,11.

Game 2: Aaron/Jon vs Tara/Carla.  We got off to a small lead by the second switch.  They came back on some aces by Tara that hit the back line.  All their hits were super precise and landing on the lines.  Great shots by them.  Tara and Carla served me all but one ball.  I thought I passed okay, minus one shank that Aaron was able to get.  My issue was siding out.  I spiked a few long, one short, but mostly got dug.  I didn’t realize until the second match we played on this court that the net was very high.  Turning point may have been when Tara dug a ball and swung hard and the net gobbled it up.  I was able to actually spike a ball to the ground for game point.  Final was 19 or 18.

Game 3:   On Center vs Mike K/JD.  During the second or third point I dug a Kuk rolled shot.  My glasses fell off, dirt all in my eye, Aaron over set me, I couldnt see anything.  I did see enough to turn around because JD was about to crush the over set.  A big thank you to Travis for pouring water on my eye during my medical timeout.  I thought we hung with these big boys for a little while.  Then I tried to tool JD a couple times but he just blocked me instead.  Then Aaron and I thought we had a couple side outs on a couple good swings but JD and Mike each made better digs.  JD a one arm stab and Mike a diving Kuk special.  They even sided out off a bad pass into the net for a big spike.  JD had a monster slide hit on two that rolled to the ocean.  After a few missed serves by me and a few missed blocks by Aaron they finally put us away 21-15.  It felt closer but wasn’t.

Game 4: Back to the high net vs Tara and a tall guy, I think Dan.  They played well.  They equates to Tara, Dan and Aaron.  I pretty much took the level down as I was still unable to sideout on the high net.  As I got served every ball again.  We somehow stayed close and lost 21-17,18.

Well that was it for me for the day.  I probably had time for one more but, I really was not happy with my play so I called it a day.

MOP: Tara Kuk
     Anyone who plays on the AVP and plays like she is one of the guys gets my vote.  Tara started on center, lost a couple games, but was still able to come back and make it all the way back to the top court.  She serves a MEAN float serve, sets well and has many great shots.  Congrats Tara!!!

A couple more acronyms for Ryan S.
SOTD (Surprise of the day): Jay G and David B no where to be seen on the upper courts.
HOTD (Hit of the day): Tie between JD’s slide hit and JD’s hit that went up to the pier.  Aaron told me JD also hit one on the 2 foot line but I didn’t see one.
TOTD (Team of the day): JD and Mike

Other observations:
a.  Travis got hurt during game one.
b.  Watching Ryan S and Sherry S playing together.  Love to see couples playing together.  As long as its not me.
c.  Darryl calling hands on himself.  First bad set I’ve seen Darryl have since he has been coming out to Frenchy’s.
d  JD and Mike beating Migel/Chris 2 games to 1 on center with Chris and Migel winning game 1 and JD and Mike winning games 2 and 3.
e.  Jay Gordon’s son wearing a cape and saying he is Captain Underpants.
f.  Not to be outdone, Mike K wanting to know where his underpants are.
g.  Gwen and I in the water.  She was having me toss her up in the air into the waves.
h.  Gwen telling me her tooth almost fell out and how the tooth fairy needs the tooth so she can get money for the fallen tooth.  Very cute!!!
i.  The disappearance of Rob/Dustin.  Rumor has it they ate at the Angry Italian.


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  1. MOP Jon Sunquist.

    Hit of the day was mike’s right side 3 foot burial. It was after a mike Kuk dig which made it even more better.

    Comment by Not murray | September 6, 2010 | Reply

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