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Saturday, September 11, 2010
Please remember all that were lost and thank everyone who fights for our great country.

My day at the beach began by some dude Ray picking me up to play on court two. He seemed like a nice enough guy and was willing to play left side so I was already liking him. Our first game was against Chris and Ian. Sadly I don’t remember too much about the day. I will do my best. I think it was a back and forth game until late where we ended up winning.

Brown made a comment about playing Kuk. I was like, dude how are you jumping courts to center (you and Aaron only beat Murray on court three). My bad, Dustin/Rob, congrats on the victory over Kuk and Travis. I should have known better. Dustin/Rob have been underdogs (in height only) pulling off upsets all summer. Travis states they worked him with no block and dug everything.

So we now get Rob/Dustin on center. Travis, needs a sub on court two with his knee issues continuing. Kent steps in to play with Kuk. Back to center, Dustin states he is going to be a daddy. Huge CONGRATS! They held a mini lead on us until around 15-15. I then went on a run serving from the good side to get to 19-16 switch. We closed them out at 21-19. By this point I know Ray can ball and we should continue to have a good day.

Over on court two Aaron/Brown put away Kuk/Kent about 15-16 per Kent.

We go from good little to good big. I recall, trying to tool Brown out to the pier but he wisely pulls his hands back. I also recall getting blocked by Plumb. Brown/Plumb either hit over us or around us. Brown aced us on a change-up. They beat us handily at 16, I think.

We drop back down to court two to play Kuk/Kent. We picked on Kent a little and were able to pull off another win to get back to center.

Rematch against Aaron/Brown as they had just beat Chris/Ian. Ray and I were able to make the bigger plays in this rematch. Brown made a few errors late and Aaron missed an easy cut shot.

I think we beat Ian/Chris on center pretty easily on center.

Last match for me of the day, grudge match against Brown/Aaron. MOP in the balance. Brown played the best in the grudge match, I was shot. I cannot believe they served Ray as much as they did. I had been passing okay but off the net making it harder for Ray to set me and me to hit over my shoulder. As the game continued Ray made a few errors as did I. They finished us off at 17 or so. Overall a fun day playing with someone I did not even know when the day began. Thanks for playing, I will run with you any day.

MOP: David Brown

Congrats to you as you stepped up your game in the grudge match as we tried to work you.

BOTD (Bleeder of the Day): me, me scab ripped right off and I had blood dripping all down my leg

TOTD: Aaron/Brown, only loss was to us, but they beat us 2-1.

GGOTD (Good Guy of the Day): me, I took a picture for two young lady’s down by the water

Other Observations:
Gwen building a bunch of castles and one for Murray away from the rest.

Kuk playing on the lower courts, don’t get used to seeing that.

The humidity was a killer. Perfect beach day

All the great college football games did not pan out.


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  1. Played one more game after you left with ray. Aaron wanted to sit. Rays good. Won 21-13 bs chris n Ian. 7-1 after straining back in game one. Not bad. Safe travels.

    Comment by David Brown | September 13, 2010 | Reply

  2. MOP!! My season may be over!

    Comment by Dr. David Brown | September 18, 2010 | Reply

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