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September 24, 2010
I was lucky enough to hook up with Mr. Kuk today.  We played pretty well most of the day.  I always enjoy playing with Mike.  He is a very good player, a great person, and kind of throws a small joke out every once in a while.

Before the scores, I really need to start taking notes again.  I wanted to throw another Congratulations to Dustin.  Sorry I was not able to attend the wedding.  I hear it was very nice and sounds like everyone has a great time.

I’m pretty sure the first game we played was against Kim/Aaron.  Awesome to see Kim spiking like a guy on the men’s height net.  Aaron roofed me and I blocked Aaron.  Aaron likes to say his block was more impressive, which it was, but they all count the same.  Aaron had a rough game and I think we won 21-15.  The day started off rather calm but as the day continued the wind picked up to make a nice good side.  Game two was againt Ian/Todd B.  It was a flash from the past for me as I know Todd from our upstate days ten years ago.  Not too much trouble in this game either as me dispatched them 21-16.  Ian had a little trouble siding in the begining of the game that helped us get off to a nice lead.  I believe we had a couple digs off a few roll shots.  Funny moment as I tried to peel off the net and fell on my butt.  Ian called me bambi.  Kuk actually laughed out loud.  Third match was against Kent/Jay G.  This match was close early.  In the middle they told a big lead, 7 points.  I remember Kent blocking me. I served 7 in a row, one on the bad side and 6 on the good side before finally missing one.  Kent shattered his glasses by throwing them into the pole.  He states, it’s all good since they were from the dollar store.  All I was thinking was I’m glad they werent the glasses I lent to Ian.  We went on to win 21-19, 22-20 or something like that.  Next match was a rematch against Ian/Todd.  We had game point and Ian rolled a ball that was too close to call.  I thought it may have been out with backsand bouncing the line.  Kuk was unsure Ian/Todd never got a good look.  We replayed and they got the next three points for the win 20-22.  In a not for fun game I would have fought harder, but for fun, replay works for me.  Good game either way.  So we have to drop down a court where we play Chris B/Dustin.  They got up big on us before Mike and I turned up the juice for a 21-19 win.  Chris had a couple 2-balls and they played solid.  We were lucky to pull out this win as I did not play well.  Back to center.  Sadly I can’t remember who we played. I can only guess it was Kent/Jay or Ian/Todd.  Whoever it was, we won.  With my 2pm deadline approaching we played one last match against Kim/Aaron.  1st point of the game was this crazy long rally that no one deserves to lose with multiple digs by multiple people.  And everyone around was loving it.  I think they got that first point and  rode the momentum for a while.  Finally, down 6, Kuk and I made our move on the good side again with me serving.  We even got them to switch sides for a point.  We took the lead and I thought we had them.  Only to lose 19-21.  Props to Kim/Aaron for the win.

MOP: Kim

Another woman hanging with the guys. Very impressive all day.  Not sure how they did the rest of the day but the two matches against us she played great.

If Kuk and I won I think it would have gone to Kuk. He played great.  I had a little trouble setting him late in the day and I think that hurt us.  I keep setting too far off the net.  All in all a great day.  Thanks again Mike.

See everyone in two weeks as I am on call next week.  Keep a look out for Jackson’s first trip to the beach week.  I am very excited for everyone to meet him.  So come out to the beach on October 9th to meet him.


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