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Trip to Michigan

Going thru the family security check rocks.  Very fast and everyone was very helpful.  Jackson had his first plane ride.  He did really well.  He even slept on the seat between me and Laura.  As we exited the plane I felt a cold breeze.  Yup, fall has hit Michigan.  It was twenty degrees colder than Florida when we arrived. 

Anthony’s wedding was very nice.  we had a great time.  Everyone loved Jackson’s pin-stripped suit.  If it wasn’t for the bride and groom he would have been the head-liner.  Jackson even fell asleep on the dance floor.  Very cute.  Food was great, party was fun, I wish nothing best for the bride and groom.

We had a few good meals: Shoguns (Japanese steakhouse), Zingerman’s (deli in Ann Arbor), the chicken at the wedding and a bbq that I actually never got to eat.

On Saturday, we went to the BIG House, Michigan stadium.  Absolutely huge, 100,000+ people.  Totally a colleg town.  We only got to watch until half time but the experience was still a bunch of fun.  The stadium is interesting in that they dug out the ground so the stadium would not stick above ground as much.  I think we saw 3 TD’s in the last minute plus of the half.  I bet a lot of people missed a lot of action while they left their seats a little early to go to the bathroom or get food.

Even though this wasnt not an official vacation, it was still nice to get home to my own pillow, Florida’s warm and sunny skies.  Michigan was very overcast and much colder.

Thanks as always to Laura’s mom and dad for taking such good care of us while we were there.


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