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Close Encounters of the Squirrel Kind

Okay, so I don’t think anyone has read the blog in seven days.  Maybe I should email everyone to tell them its back.  I won’t because I want to see how long it will take for someone besides me to post.

Other blog news.  For now I think I will blog the week that was. Sunday night’s.

Despicable Me (D)
Pretty bad movie.  The only thing to me that save it was the funny little minions.  Steve Carrell’s voice was AWFUL.  It did have a cute little family thing going on.  However the total suckyness is where the grade comes from.  I’m a little disappointed that IMDB users give it a 7.5.

Speaking of other movies, the only movie worthy of a rating while I was on sabitical was Inception.  Definitely one of the best movies I’ve ever seen.  Totally worth an A.

Harry Potter 7a
HP7a is out on dvd in stores now.

As some of you may or my not know, I like to ride my mountain bike from my house in Safety Harbor to the Long Center and back for a little exercise.  Total distance 12 miles.  As I ride I have always been fascinates by how the squirrels always see me coming and never get close to my bike.  Rewind to Wednesday, I took my first evening ride.  A squirrel got super close but did one of the super quick turn arounds and ran the other way.  I felt the need to discuss all this with Laura this morning.  (Raise your hand if you can see where this story is going).  On today’s bike ride, a squirrel literally hit my front tire before running the other way.  I didn’t run the little guy over.  He just grazed the side of my tire.  This is life just messy with us.  I could have never said anything to Laura, it was so trivial, but I did.  BAM, same day, Murphy’s law.

My Saturday
My plan was to take Jackson to the beach.  Totally forgot that we had a birthday party to go to for the neighbor’s daughter.  On top of that Laura was on call. (Next Saturday is up in the air also because I will be on call).  The birthday party was much fun.  My neighbors really know how to throw a kids birthday party.  Food, drinks, presents, and a huge JUMPHOUSE.  Some  people call them bouncy thing (me), moon walk (Laura), but the neighbors call it the JUMPHOUSE.  It was their party so I’m going with that.  After all the kids left I got to jump a little.  I still got some skills left in this 38 year old body.  I can still do a seatdrop and flip!!

NFL lockout sucks.  Still hoping the 49ers somehow get Patrick Peterson.  Oh yeah a good QB too.
Boston takes Game 1 of the Knicks series.
The Mets really suck!!
The Rays are starting to look a little better.
The Bulls made a huge come back with like 3 minutes to play.  DROSE is GOOD!!
Still no AVP, but I think something is going on….
Hockey playoffs, but who cares (I don’t)

Congrats to the Holewinski’s for closing on their new home.


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  1. Waiting to see the blog on what happened at the beach on Sat. Take time from painting and give me an MOP!

    Comment by David | June 12, 2011 | Reply

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